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Set up a law-abiding culture.
continuing to grow
I'll be a top-notch company.


Not only all employees comply with all laws, but the company is
operating a program in accordance with the compliance management
process to prevent and minimize all the risks that disobedience to the
law may entail.

Compliance Management Process
Post Management

- Identifying root causes
by analyzing results and

- Promoting activities
for improvement

- Introducing cases
during trainings

- Efforts to prevent

Preliminary Prevention

- Training for employee,
provision of guidance for each

- Self-inspection, Sensing and
monitoring of legislation and
revision of law


Regular/Non-regular monitoring Implementation

Reporting violations
of the law

We are receiving reports on illegal activities and risk factors related to
the company.

Classification of types subject to report

  • Violation of the Fair
    Trade Act

  • Violation of the
    subcontracting law

  • Violation of
    anti-corruption laws

  • Other violations
    of the law

How to report


You can report directly by visiting our official website.
Click ‘Reporting violations of laws’ at the bottom and enter the information.


Please download the form attached below,
fill out the form, and send it to the address


Compliance Department, SEMES Co. Ltd.,
77, 4sandan 5-gil, Jiksan-eup, Seobuk-gu,
Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do,
Republic of Korea, Tel 041-620-8000

Report Guide

SEMES is receiving reports of violations of all laws by employees of our company or actions
that are likely to violate all laws, which will be kept confidential.
Regarding the personal information of the informant, personal information or any facts that
can speculate the informant are not disclosed without consent. The informant shall not be disadvantaged by the report.

※ If the provided information is unclear or excludes specific facts, the report may not be

Willingness to
comply with

All of SEMES executives and employees pledge to comply with all domestic and overseas laws and the corporate compliance standards and to put the pledges into action.

CEO of SEMES Chung Tae-Gyeong