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Product support
We inform you about our product support, including product purchases, components, retrofit, and training.
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SEMES is seeking facility performance improvement, convenience increase, and unit price reduction by tirelessly studying components and elevating their performance. Plus, we are constantly striving to respond to needs of customers' needs with the highest priority in the shortest time by securing a wide range of purchase lines and a large amount of inventory and operating a service page dedicated to components.
If you have any inquiries about parts, please contact any representative of customer support. For detailed information on components, please visit
Components/Accessories Inquiry
SEMES provides modification services exclusively for our equipment to support a smooth production environment for customers. Plus, SEMES is eager to produce satisfactory results for our customers in cooperation with the superb facility experts. SEMES provides a comprehensive portfolio of equipment maintenance and stabilization, software improvement, cost reduction, and productivity improvement as follows.

* Facility optimization : facility customization and process optimization
* Productivity improvement : production increase and cost reduction
* Improved availability : maintenance and facility reliability enhancement, stability securement
If you have any inquiries about retrofit, please contact each customer support or sales representative.
Product Modification Inquiry
We support various training activities by employing certified in-house instructors and state-of-the-art facilities to help customers understand various situations that may arise while operating our facilities and respond accordingly.
If you seek a detailed explanation of the training course or have any questions about the training schedule, please contact us through the inquiry below.
Product Training Inquiry