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SEMES boats of the largest capacity in Korea by producing essential
semiconductor/display equipment worth 3 trillion won annually.
SEMES is leaping forward to emerge as a world-renowned
equipment maker through supplying advanced technology,
extensively investing in facilities, and expanding its business overseas.
company overview

Korea's largest equipment maker, is producing essential equipment for semiconductor and display equivalent to 3 trillion won of annual sales.
We have achieved growth centering on cleaning, etching, and photo-track equipment used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Also, the advancement has been shown in such sectors as test & package, semiconductor logistics automation equipment, and display OLED.

We aim to emerge as one of the top 5 global players by setting a record of 5 trillion won in sales by 2030.

Regarding the semiconductor sector, we are producing equipment for cleaning(LOTUS, BLUEICE PRIME), photo track (OMEGA-S, OMEGA-K) and etcher (Michelan O3, Michelan C4).

Considered as highly necessary for the front-end process as well as the core equipment of the back-end process (Bonder, Probe, Test Handler).

Seeking a super-gap strategy

The world's first developed semiconductor supercritical cleaning equipment by SEMES is a piece of crucial equipment for wafer cleaning by converting liquefied carbon dioxide to the supercritical status with high pressure and high temperature.

We have improved the pattern collapse detected with the existing rotation method.

And, now we are seeking a super-gap strategy to secure an unbeatable competitive advantage.

As a strategic product that will contribute to future-oriented growth, we have developed and supplied the etcher equipment, a key to the front-end process, with the semiconductor production line of Samsung Electronics.

In the meantime, several global companies located in the United States and Japan proprietarily have carried out production and supply of etcher equipment.

However, SEMES has first succeeded in commercially developing the equipment in Korea.

Awarded first prize in the
industrial design concept at the
world-renowned German Red Dot

Among back-end process equipment, we have next-generation probe SEMPRO PRIME equipment connected to a tester to inspect the electrical characteristics of semiconductor pattern wafer.
This equipment received the first prize in the industrial design concept at the world-renowned German Red Dot design award, the first in the equipment industry.

SEMES will reinforce R&D investment

Meanwhile, we supplied the mass production line of Samsung Electronics with OHT (Overhead Transport), core equipment for factory logistics automation, for the first time in Korea.

OHT refers to a system that automatically transports a foup containing semiconductor wafers.

While this system has been mainly imported from Japan until now, SEMES has successfully developed the system for the first time in Korea and is now observing a significant import effect.


Looking forward, SEMES will further reinforce R&D investment to further solidify our technology leadership.

There is no doubt that this process will greatly contribute to the development of the domestic equipment industry.