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Appliance Design

Researching and developing equipment and components of
semiconductor/display built on an understanding of the four
major mechanics (heat/fluid/solid/kinetics)


Derivation of next-generation facility concept

Deriving concepts of novel equipment necessary for manufacturing next-generation devices.

Developing element technology to verify and implement the concept

Semiconductor mechanical system development

Designing mechanical system design that fulfills the physical conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.) required for the semiconductor process

Selecting factors and configuring layout to embody mechanical system

Developing sensors to monitor the status of equipment during the process

Analyzing and developing attributes of core components used in semiconductor equipments

Mechanical structure/driving mechanism simulation

Analyzing the system configuration and operation characteristics among elements and applying them to the design based on a basic understanding of component characteristics, assembly structure, and layout.

Optimal design of the driving part in the equipment

Designing and optimizing the driving part in semiconductor process equipment

Designing and optimizing transfer robots in semiconductor process equipment

Designing lightweight and high-rigidity and employing composite materials for designing

Responsive design for special environment

Designing and optimizing driving parts in a vacuum and super-clean environment

Designing the chemical resistance of driving parts


Vibeology, dynamics, mechanical product design, system control theory, kinematics, mechanical design, introduction to sensor, etc.


Those who majored in fields related to machinery, robots, and simulation (CAE)

Those who have knowledge related to mechanical design, measurement, operation, and control to comprehend equipment development


Those experienced in performing projects related to mechanical system development

Those who have foreign language skills (English, Chinese) fluent enough to communicate




Electrical outfit/Circuit design

Design/analysis related to electric circuit/Radio Frequency (RF)
needed to drive equipment of semiconductor/display based on
expertise in circuit design technology


Derivation of the concept of next-generation facilities

Derivation of the concept of next-generation facilities

Derivation of the concept of next-generation facilities

Analyzing signals triggered by operation, analyzing and designing efficient usage of power

Optimizing the performance through the temperature and flow design of the PCB board

Optimizing the design by analyzing Net frequency, properties of time domain, resonance characteristics of the power supply

Confirmation of RF-related design (power, filter, sensor) and characteristics

Securing and designing RF-related spec. needed for each facility.

Examining the characteristics of RF-related parts and suggesting improvements

Monitoring RF-related matters under the operation of facilities

Reliability improvement of facility by developing CAE technology and high-performance/long-lifespan circuit

Verifying PCB circuit through CAE technology such as high-speed circuit design, power, digital circuit simulation

Analyzing component/device/circuit design margin and self-diagnosing circuit

Preventing facility down by utilizing circuit design technology


Electrical and electronics

circuit theory, electromagnetics, electronic and electrical circuits, analog electronic circuits, digital integrated circuits, power conversion circuits, logic circuits, etc.


Those who majored in fields related to electrical and electronic engineering

Those who are acquainted with circuit theory and able to design and calculate circuits

Those who understand requirements of circuit function and are able to ideally design and implement circuit function.


Those who have been involved in hardware and firmware development projects

Those who have used measuring instruments related to RF.

Those who have foreign language skills (English, Chinese) fluent enough to communicate



S/W Design

SW development tasks such as semiconductor/Display
Embedded SW and Application SW


Embedded SW development

Real-time control, ultra-precise/super-high-speed motion control, signal processing, high-speed data processing

Firmware S/W product design, development, application, evaluation and performance optimization

Middleware SW development

Equipment control SW platform development (Cluster process, Display equipment, Inspection equipment Robot, etc.)

High-speed Network Protocol (Field bus), real-time OS

Protocol, Device Driver, Linux, Windows based Middleware development

Application SW development

Developing AI-based Machine/Deep Learning, voice/natural language/image/image processing, and solution

Analyzing big data of equipment (data correlation analysis, production/repair prediction and optimization, etc)

SW Engineering

Establishing SW development methodology/process, establishing and automating development infrastructure/tool, analyzing SW, and controlling quality


System programming, algorithm, operating system, computer architecture, data structure, programming language, etc.


Those who have algorithmic problem-solving skills and have capability to utilized programming language (C/C++/C#/Python/Java, etc.)

Those who are capable of designing and developing software by comprehending programming requirements


Those who have experience in internal and external activities related to the job

Those who won the contest featuring software and hardware platforms, and those who are skilled in project execution

Those who have foreign language skills (English, Chinese) fluent enough to communicate




Developing new process technology and facility technology
conducive to semiconductor process advancement


Semiconductor process improvement

Analyzing bottle-neck of each process step and suggesting improvement plans

Analyzing process parameters and developing recipes to improve process for mass production

Identification of process variables by data mining, and improvement

Data analysis for yield prediction and process improvement

Identifying the cause of defects on the process/equipment and suggestingimprovement plans

Development and evaluation of new semiconductor processes

Analyzing requirements of a new process and deriving process parameters of the equipment.

Studying the compatibility between materials/ components of equipment and figuring the optimal combination

Discovering new materials and coatings that improve plasma/chemical resistance based on process conditions

Evaluating and analyzing performance through the specimen and mounting evaluation

Proposal of next-generation equipment design direction

Proposing concepts of a new equipment to secure the spec. required by the next-generation process

Predicting required spec. of the future-oriented equipment and suggesting roadmaps with the raised level of difficulty of a process

Developing and verifying a new scheme to overcome process limitations


- Electrical and electronics: semiconductor devices, electromagnetism, integrated process of semiconductor, etc.

Chemistry/chemical engineering: chemistry, organic/inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, etc.

Machinery: vibeology, dynamics, metrology, kinematics, mechanical design, non-destructive analysis, etc.

Physics: physics, plasma physics, electromagnetic waves and optics, etc.


Those who majored in electrical/electronic, mechanical, physics, chemistry/chemical engineering, etc.

Those who have problem-solving capabilities for 8 major semiconductor processes

Those who have ability to comprehend process requirement and implement the process while experienced in process/analysis/design/implementation.

Those who are capable of modeling and analyzing process variables based on data mining


Those who are acquainted with basic major knowledge to understand the device structure and process mechanism

Those who have been involved in performing projects such as semiconductor process development and equipment development

Those who have foreign language skills (English, Chinese) fluent enough to communicate




GCE (Global Customer Engineer)

Support global customers to improve the productivity of their
facilities in ways of operating state-of-the-art
semiconductor/display equipments and
improving and revamping equipment performance.


Maintenance/repair of state-of-the-art equipment

Maintenance of semiconductor/display/logistics automation equipments (measures for breakdown, component replacement, abnormality improvement)

Equipment data trend analysis and improvement activities

Preventive measures

Improving equipment utilization and performance by conducting PM (Preventive Maintenance)

Analyzing and fixing failures of equipment by conducting BM (Break Maintenance)

Enhancing productivity by managing and organizing the equipment components

Problem analysis of equipment

Analyzing and resolving the causes of equipment problems


Mechanical: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transmission, solid mechanics, kinetics, computational system of mechanical engineering (design/CAD program), kinematics, mechanical element design, etc.

Electric and electronics: electronic circuits, circuit theory, electric and electronic circuits, etc.

Materials/Metals: Semiconductor science, material mechanics, metal materials, semiconductor materials, etc.

Chemistry/chemical engineering: organic/inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, nanomaterial chemistry, etc.


Those who majored in electrical/electronics, machanical engineering, or materials, or have sufficient knowledge regarding those majors

Those who have knowledge related to mechanical/electronic equipment, the basis for understanding the structure and operation principle of semiconductor equipment, have the capability of machinery maintenance such as components/robots and have competencies exerted in handling automation equipments


Those who have ability to use mechanical design tools (Auto CAD, Inventor, Solid Edge, CATIA) and system tools (C language/Java, etc.)

Those who have foreign language skills (English, Chinese) fluent enough to communicate