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Make Tomorrow

We are always
waiting for
talented people
with global
capabilities to
lead change.

Change Leading Talents

Talents who can overcome the
crisis by constantly challenging
the achievement of the goal
and by leading change with
new thoughts thinking out of the box.

Global Talents

Talents who will work with SEMES
toward becoming a global top-notch
company and who boast excellent foreign
language skills and can flexibly adapt
to various cultures based on
an understanding of global standards.

Professional Talents

Professional talents who
constantly learn with an open mind
set and build their expertise in
various fields beyond their own.

Talent Cultivation Program

Talent Cultivation System

We are focusing on training in three areas:
strengthening global capabilities, nurturing expertise, and cultivating leadership with
an aim to cultivate the most qualified engineers
who can spearhead the semiconductor display equipment industry


“Cultivating Full-fledged Global Professional Leaders
with unmatched technical capability”

Change Leader Leader cultivation training

Fostering next-generation
leaders who spearhead
change and innovation

Professional Export nurturing training

[Nurturing experts in each field]
Design, SW, process, GCE,
manufacturing technology, quality

[Academic training]
Master's and doctoral
degree support for top-level
human resources

Global Standard Global competency building

Support for foreign language
learning and training overseas
expert(expatriates, corporate heads)

Ideal Talent

Expert nurturing training

In an effort to nurture crucial manpower, we have put an academic
training system in place that singles out superior talents and provides
support for master and doctoral degrees in domestic and overseas

We are also striving to train engineers with senior-level or higher into
top-notch experts by providing a master system and expert cultivation program.

Leader cultivation training

Introductory training for new employees and promotion training for each position are delivered to cultivate the role and leadership of each position. The leadership course is held every year to share not only corporate core values and organizational culture but also the latest trends and organizational unity.

We have exerted utmost effort to cultivate leaders with both technical expertise and organizational management skills by encouraging candidate employees to join the training courses for next-generation leaders featuring organization management, general management, communication skills, etc.

Global competency building

The intensive foreign language (English, Chinese, and Japanese)
course, held at the training center for 9 weeks, aims to improve global
competencies such as conversation skills and understanding of local
culture. After completion of the course, trainees are trained as
candidates for overseas dispatchers or business experts.

Super Rookie Program
for Newbies

For one year after a department is arranged, newbies participate in
on-site OJT and research projects with a mentor. The program
pursues to help new employees adapt to the organization and
improve their work skills in a short period by encouraging them to
complete foreign languages, humanities, and essential
job skills training.