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People & Technology

SEMES pursues to build an
organizational culture in which
experts steadily devotes themselves to research and debate to
innovate and accumulate technology.

All employees are equal in front of technology.
SEMES gives preference to technology and creates a horizontal organizational culture.
These efforts will ensure to maximize the growth of each individual and the competence of the organization, making us join the ranks of companies with differentiated and unique technologies.
It's also more important to experience failure to know why than to achieve success without knowing why.
Entering the high-end market in earnest pays a higher price for failure
than in the past. We are establishing a culture and habit of working creatively in a different way from the past.

We look forward to the enthusiastic interest and support of talented people who will walk with SEMES on the path of its growth of the domestic semiconductor
display equipment industry.
What's most important is the “people”
who embody the technology.

SEMES is creating an environment where all employees are willing to
share knowledge and ideas and encourage growth while securing excellent
talent, and building a systematic education system to strengthen their competency.

As part of the efforts to nurture human resources, we are jointly
hosting an annual open innovation event in collaboration with the
Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The KSME-SEMES Open Innovation Challenge event, which marks its
fifth year this year, has established itself as a representative thesis
contest in the field of mechanical engineering covering
semiconductor/display equipment process technology and ultra-precision sensor
measurement technology, which can be leveraged in
mainly industrial sites including.

SEMES is planning to further discover human resources by holding
a KSOIC contest and to create the highest level of synergy by incorporating
numerous proposals of currently available and future-oriented
technologies into the semiconductor/display equipment industry.

Next, what matters is achieving shared growth together with our business partners.
We received the highest grade in the shared growth index
evaluation recently announced by the National Commission for
Corporate Partnership.

SEMES is unfolding three major innovation movements in joint with
our business partners as follows to enhance the level of
completion of facilities;
△ Design Miss Zero (standardization of drawing)
△ Cost reduction A to Z (standardization of components/communication)
△Lead time reduction (design standardization/communication)

We promise to advance the performance and reliability of components,
processed products, and materials by making these endless efforts.

The semiconductor/display
equipment business that
our company is focusing on is a
high-tech industry that requires
super-advanced technical skills
and rich expertise.
Currently, world-renowned companies in the semiconductor equipment
industry are based in the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.
Known as a powerhouse in semiconductor technology and manufacturing,
Korea adopted a semiconductor-related business as a national project and gave full support for a considerable period, but no domestic company has yet to rise to the ranks of the world's top.

Under these circumstances, we aspire to become a truly
"Technology-driven company" and rise to a world-leading top tier
with a mid-long term vision.

We desire to become an equipment maker with unrivaled and
differentiated technology and an equipment manufacturer that
continuously grows through proactive research and development.