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Customer Value Management

We are making the utmost effort
to manage the company in fair
and transparent manners

We are making the utmost effort to manage the company in fair and transparent
manners under the management philosophy that exceptional human resources
and technologies create unmatched products and services, which leads to contribution to society.

In addition, SEMES has disclosed our Code of Conduct ("Principles of management")
to external stakeholders, including business partners and customers
as well as employees. We are also operating a reporting channel so that
any violation of the code of ethics can be reported at any time through our ethical management site.

Five Principles of
Management SEMES
  • We abide by laws and ethics

    We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals.

    We compete fairly by complying with the law and business ethics.

    We keep accounting transparent through accurate accounting records.

    We adhere to be neutral without involved in politics.

  • We stick to an appropriate organizational culture

    We do not mix business with pleasures regarding all business activities strictly.

    We protect and respect the intellectual property of the company and others.

    We create a desirable organizational ambiance.

  • We pay respect to customers, shareholders, and employees

    We prioritize customers' satisfaction as for management activities.

    We place importance on the value of shareholders.

    We strive to improve the “quality of life” of our employees.

  • We value the environment, safety, and health

    We seek environmentally-friendly management.

    We consider human safety and health as significant matters.

  • We fulfill our social responsibilities as a global corporate citizen

    We faithfully discharge our primary responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

    We respect characteristics of local society and culture and translate win-win growth into action.

    We build a relationship of co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners.