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Dream of SEMES

We are always
waiting for
talented people
with global
capabilities to
lead change.

Hierarchy system

Evaluation results are converted into points to determine promotion,
which is applied to employees from assistant to leaders.






Compensation System

An annual base salary system is implemented
for all employees to recognize the abilities and
achievements of individuals and to pay
compensation for performance.

Items included
in the annual base salary

Annual salary

monthly salary (basic salary + efficiency salary + overtime pay), New Year's Day/Chuseok homecoming expenses


Group incentives (TAI, OPI) and others

Incentive system

Target Achievement Incentive (TAI)

Paid twice a year depending on the level of achievement of management targets.

Overall Performance Incentive (OPI)

Paid once a year according to the level of achievement of profits exceeding the management targets.

Fringe Benefits and
Welfare Facilities

We are operating various
welfare systems and facilities to
enrich the lives of our employees.

Staff Restaurant
Employee-oriented company
Commuting bus

Seoul, Suwon, Hwaseong,
Cheonan, Asan

In-house cafeteria

breakfast, lunch, and dinner served

In-house club activity

15 teams including soccer, basketball, baseball, leisure sports, and band

Optional benefits

welfare point

Operate discount malls such as family purchase centers
Support for activity expenses under
a banner of Great Work Place (GWP)
Personal pension support to prepare for retirement
Daycare Center
Childcare Center
Pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, education
Reduced working hours during pregnancy
Maternity leave before and after childbirth
Tuition support for employees' children going to High school and university (including overseas universities)
Paternity leave paid for 10 days, in the case of twin babies, paid for 20 days, can be divided once
Parental leave (1 year) and reduced working hours during childcare period (1 year)
Infertility leave (paid for 3 days) and support for treatment expenses
Operation of daycare centers
Support for kindergarten expenses
Resort Membership
Housing, and congratulations/condolences
Housing expenses

newbie of university graduates

Corporate resort membership

Daemyung, Hanwha, Resom, etc. nationwide

Support for congratulations and condolence expenses and leave

Congratulations and condolence

Condolences support

Funeral service, necessities

Self-development and Vacation
Award for
Best employees
Self-development and Vacation
Support for degrees

Master's and Doctorate, MBA

Support to attend overseas conferences and academic societies
Operation of education channels on need
Support for learning foreign language operation of intensive courses

English, Chinese

Cyber library exclusively for employees
Award for exemplary and excellent employees
Flexible working system

5 days a week

Long service leave and vacation expenses support
Welfare facilities
Sports Facilities
For a healthier life
Medical expenses support for employees and their family
Operation of medical room and psychological counseling room
Medical checkup support
for employees and
their spouse
Provision of discount from partnered hospitals/clinics
In-house fitness center
Sports facilities of basketball, soccer, and football